Chiropractic Care for the World’s Premier Athletes and Entertainers

When a new life begins, one of the first things to develop is the nerve tissue, which later becomes the brain and spinal cord. This central nervous system controls every function of the body and allows us to move, sense, and do all the wonderful things that we do. If the nerve pathways become somehow blocked, the body will no longer be able to function at its full capacity. These misalignments, called subluxations, occur because a vertebra is shifted out of its normal position and is putting pressure on a nerve, therefore inhibiting the body’s natural communication flow.

The chiropractor is trained to check for these subluxations and adjust the spine’s vertebrae, to remove the interference and restore the body’s ability to heal itself. Some people think that chiropractic is only beneficial for spinal injuries, but in actuality since the nervous system is vital for optimal health, chiropractic adjustments are used in assisting the entire body to work at its best.

Sports and Chiropractic

Athletes frequently seek chiropractic care, as their high impact lifestyles tend to place intense pressure on their bodies, creating a greater risk of subluxations. Most sporting organizations, including every professional National Basketball Association team, have team chiropractors on staff. Progressive coaches, athletes and doctors realize that painkilling drugs only mask symptoms and may actually result in more severe injuries. The practice of chiropractic, meaning literally “done by hand,” restores proper alignment and function to bones and normal nerve transmission without invasive pharmaceuticals or surgeries. This preventative and performance-enhancing care allows athletes to be best prepared for action. Many of the world’s greatest competitors are adjusted before sport to optimize balance and efficiency and then afterwards to enhance the recuperative process.

For high-performance athletes, the slightest imbalance can mean the difference between victory and defeat. The better the nerve energy flows to the muscle tissue, the better the athlete’s strength, power, speed and stamina can be harnessed. For graduates of chiropractic school, the world of professional sports represents exciting opportunities to travel and work with athletic celebrities.

For example, Dr. David Mruz became the chiropractor of the Coors Light Cycling Team organization in Denver after receiving a call to check the team when they were in town for a race in 1991. Since then, he has become the official chiropractor for Tour de France Stage Winner George Hincapie and several other professional cycling teams and individuals visiting his base of Greenville, South Carolina.

Beyond professional athletes, Mruz has advanced his chiropractic career working with other individuals requiring top physical performance: musicians. He has experience working with all types of cases while caring for touring acts including Bruce Springsteen, Duran Duran, the Eagles, Def Leppard, Josh Groban, Boston and Nickelback. The chiropractic message he shares with his patients is this: “You cannot perform at your highest level without proper function and nerve supply.” These elite level performers and athletes realize that chiropractic is an important part of their ability to function at their best.