The Power to Change the World

When I was a young physical therapist just getting into the arena of human suffering I worked at a very old inner city school for disabled children. The school had originally been built for kids with TB and polio and was called an “open air” school. It was designed so that its large windows were aligned in such a way as to bring in fantastic ventilation. This was a treatment and prevention approach back then.

In the beginning I believed I could “fix” the problems set before me. And I made so many mistakes you could fill a bucket with them. Gratefully I had a supervisor who was kind and funny and she taught me without me even knowing it.

But as time went on I realized I could have very little impact on these kids. Most of their deformities and weaknesses and neurological problems were of long standing and the changes I was going to be able to make were going to be small. In addition, I was learning what horrendous conditions these kids lived in because of their poverty, and I had no solution for these devastating problems. These children were not only dealing with a disability they were also literally starving (some only ate at school, with no food at home for weekends or evenings), without everyday conveniences like running water and electricity. I felt overwhelmed and depressed. What could I do? What difference would any of my work make?

Then one day I was walking down the hall when I saw this very small boy trying to get a drink of water. He was about two inches too short to reach it. He had a crutch in one hand and a brace on his leg and his clothes were dirty, the cuff on his sleeve torn and raveled. He was a perfect, modern day Tiny Tim.

I lifted him up to the water fountain. He seemed to drink forever. When I put him down he turned and gave me a big hug and a big smile. Then, in a surprising burst of speed, he turned and ran-almost a skipping motion as he threw his braced leg in front of him–down the hall to go back to his recess in the gym.

That moment, that hug, that smile changed my life. I finally realized what it was all about. It wasn’t about changing the world or rescuing kids from their challenges. It was about right now, right here. How can I help right now, right here.

In our lives we only have the present. We only have this moment. The secret, I learned, is to make it the best moment that we can. And that is truly how we save the world, with this moment, which then feeds into the next moment and so on. Like dominoes in a line one affects the next until there is a cascade of effort, a cascade of change. The beauty of it is that this power to change the world, one moment at a time, is available to all of us. We all have the power to change the world.

Bring the Kids on an Upscale Around the World Cruise!

An upscale around the world cruise is not just for adults to enjoy. There are several cruise lines that do provide activities for children and whether or not this is so, you are free to bring the kids along on any cruise unless it states that it is for adults only.

Many parents balk at the idea of taking the children out of school for the extended period of time needed to take a luxury around the world cruise. However, this type of trip would provide the children with the education of a lifetime. School districts will grant approval for the children to be absent from school and will likely assign them projects to do on each of the ports of call as a way of making up their grades.

When choosing a cruise line that caters to kids on an upscale around the world cruise, you do have to take a close look at the list of amenities they offer for children. Obviously really young children will not benefit as much from such a cruise in terms of what they will learn, but parents with young children will not want to be separated from them for such a long period of time.

Therefore, it is essential to look for a cruise ship that does offer babysitting services onboard so that the parents can have time to themselves during the evenings to enjoy spending time in the bar or attending a show.

Take a good look at the type of accommodations offered for an upscale around the world cruise to realize the level that you can be basking in. Each group will have different needs in staterooms and suites on the ship. You may prefer having a balcony where you can all sit and enjoy the scenery of each country you visit, or you may feel more comfortable simply having a picture window where you can feel safe in knowing that the children are indoors.

Usually the staterooms have two beds that can convert into one large queen or king sized bed, but you can also choose ones with sofas that convert to beds or have a crib placed in the room for a smaller child. You may want to have a suite if you have older children with you so that they have their own separate room.

The destinations you visit on an upscale around the world cruise are also important features to consider when you want to take the kids with you. You need to check the shore excursions to see if there are activities planned which will be of interest to the younger ages. You can also plan your own activities in each port of call and bypass the planned excursions if you want to take the time to research each port to find the types of attractions that are available.

The food served on an upscale around the world cruise includes a mixture of just about everything. However, you will likely want to dine in the main dining room of the around the world cruise ship. This means that you should double check to see the types of foods offered on the various menus.

Some cruises do not serve foods that most children enjoy, especially if your children are picky eaters. There is generally fast food service on cruise ships so that if need be you can get the food for the children from this location on the ship and take it to the dining room with you so that you can all eat together as a family.

Home Schooling – The New Way of Education in Modern World

In this era, the world is advancing at very high speed, every field is moving at a light fast speed and every organization and also individuals are excelling every day. In this sense some people are asking about the home schooling system that why this system till now cannot play a role in modern life. Many of the people do not know about the home schooling system. What is this? Some parents find that there is no quality education in school and the teacher who is trying to give individual attention on each student is impossible and can never happen. Also it is difficult for a teacher to give time to each student in a well manner and can convey his messages to all his students.

Like when in a large class room sitting, even if the trainer is expert in his business but he is incapable of delivering individual attention, that is very necessary to help a child grow further in his studies. Rather than teacher, a family or the parents of that particular child are not only devoted more time to his child but also they know him very well personally. They are able to tailor their curriculum and teaching styles in ways that are most conducive to their child’s productivity. This individualized attention is one of the advantages of home schooling.

There are many various advantages to home schooling. For instance, parents teach their children one-on-one, rather than twenty- or thirty-to-one in a crowded classroom. With more personal attention, children often understand the material more quickly instead of lagging behind because they don’t understand. Parents also like being able to enjoy more time together as a family, instead of a few hurried hours in the evening.

In schools the children are not always looking on books but also they do some other activities as well and most of the children waste their precious time by standing in lines and some other sports or fun related activities so that they can’t focus on their studies too well as they are expected to.

There is more than one way for parents to educate their children; we should not assume that home schooling is right for every family and vice versa.