There Is Evil In The World – Boomers Are Well Aware

I remember as a young boy that I lived in a protective bubble like many of you did. My parents took care of me and my seven brothers and sisters. We didn’t have much money to go around but I don’t remember ever going hungry. My world as a boy consisted of a neighborhood that I rarely ventured out of except to walk to downtown Omaha with a few buddies to see a movie.

There were two shocking developments that occurred in my youth that I remember to this day. The father of one of my classmates murdered his wife and then killed himself. And a young boy from our school who was maybe seven or eight years old was hit and killed by a car as he ran across a street one evening in our neighborhood. They were wake up calls to us young people that bad things happen in this world.

But what really shook me to the core was the assassination of President Kennedy. I was fourteen years old when the news announcement came across the loud speaker at my high school. Television coverage was spell binding to me over the following few days after the shooting. What was the point? That started my life of studying history and learning how ideas clash all over the world. Many of us Boomers consider abortion to be a stain on our legacy. As Bible study warned, there is definitely evil in the world.

We have had several more reminders of this fact in the world lately as terrorism gets nastier and more horrific. For Americans, it has been difficult to watch the bombings of military barracks, embassies, passenger planes, the Pentagon, the World Trade Center, and on and on. We have a new kind of enemy that fights like a thief in the night while killing mostly innocent women and children.

We have also seen encouraging news that some of this evil in the world has been eliminated from the world gene pool. Saddam Husain, Osama Bin Laden, and now Muammar Gaddafi have been hunted down and executed. During World War II Hitler and Mussolini met the same fate. People will only put up with so much from these power hungry mad rulers.

But we live our lives knowing that evil will always be lurking somewhere on the globe. Corrupt evil dictators keep their thumbs on their own citizens in many countries around the world right now. Fidel Castro in Cuba, Ahmadinejan in Iran, Chavez in Venezuela, Kim Jong-Il in North Korea, and various thugs in Africa that starve people while disease runs rampant. What do we do about them?

There is no easy answer. Does the USA refuse to get involved as some in our country call for, or do we step in as the only legitimate police force in the world and remove a cancerous leader? Either way, many Americans will be unhappy about what we do or do not do for our fellow human beings around the world. What is the moral thing to do? These evil dictators are not going to go away on their own.

We know that evil flourishes when left unchecked. It was Edmund Burke that said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” So, for all of you good men and women out there, what do we do now?

Phil McMillan